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DNA Films Reality TV: Pioneering the Future of Television and Digital Content Production


DNA Films Reality TV is a cutting-edge production company specializing in crafting innovative entertainment ideas for leading global broadcasters and producing high-quality television shows. As experts in television, audiovisual, and digital platforms, we are passionate about delivering unique content that captivates audiences across various networks and platforms, including CBS, TLC, Discovery Channel, MTV, Netflix, Amazon, and ENDEMOL.

Embracing New Concept Programming on National Television & Digital Platforms


Two creative professionals united with a vision to revolutionize television and digital content production, giving birth to DNA Films Reality TV. Our mission is to address the demands of today's rapidly evolving media landscape by generating top-tier quality programming that appeals to diverse audiences.


With over 17 years of combined experience, DNA Films leverages its expertise to explore groundbreaking alternatives and formulas that bring global audiences together for the dawn of the "digital programming era."


In 2018, DNA Films took a significant stride in the industry with the introduction of "new concept programming" on A&E, setting the stage for continued success in the Television & Digital age.


From a bold upstart to an innovative veteran, DNA Films Reality TV has quickly made its mark in the industry. Within its early months, our founders have been nominated for prestigious awards, including Realscreen and Emmys. Today, we stand as one of the most dynamic and aggressive production companies in the South Florida market, with offices in Los Angeles.


Our unconventional concept sales services have yielded tremendous success, and our diverse lineup reflects our commitment to quality content. We believe that the industry craves innovative creativity, original programming, and exclusive integration opportunities – and that's precisely what we deliver.


As we continue to carve out our niche and expand our reach, DNA Films Reality TV is proving that quality content and the right platform are the driving forces behind the future of television and digital entertainment.


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