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DNA Films Reality TV is a Television / Audiovisual and digital platform Production company which specializes in creative entertainment ideas offering them to the world’s leading broadcasters and producing high quality shows. We secure and motivate creative and self starter teams who cultivate DNA FILMS Reality TV original concepts which are transformed into scripted and Non-Scripted TV Shows. We have engaged in Producing content for networks & digital platforms such as CBS, TLC, Discovery Channel, MTV, Netflix, Amazon and ENDEMOL.

“New Concept Programming” on National Television & Digital Platforms

Two creative professionals joined forces in order to launch a new and invigorant television & digital content producer: DNA Films Reality TV was born out of today’s modern, fast paced television programming concept and the need to generate equal and greater quality shows.

Combined efforts plus more than 17 years of experience, enables DNA Films to explore new alternatives and formulas in order to bring worldwide television audiences together to watch the next “digital programming era”.

The year 2018 will prove to be very successful with the launch of the new concept Television & Digital age and the next show idea; DNA Films is introducing “new concept programming” on A&E.

DNA Films Reality TV went from bold upstart to innovative veteran, catching the attention of many in the industry.  In its early stages months of existence, DNA Films founders have been nominated for several award categories such as Realscreen and Emmys.  It has become one of the most aggressive and dynamic local Production companies in the South Florida marketplace now with offices in Los Angeles. Its alternative concept sales services have resulted in immense success.  DNA Films is proud to have a lineup that reinforces its niche and carves out a bigger one as each day passes. We are proving that quality in content and a platform to showcase our reality concepts, and services, etc., innovative creativity and other integration is what the industry craves.  Our original programming and exclusive integration opportunities are some of the reasons why national networks are looking to buy programming expedited by this company.

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