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Sarahca Peterson is a poet, author, playwright, recording artist and activist born in Arcadia, Florida and raised in Pompano Beach, Florida. She is the visionary behind the “Small Towns Need Poetry Too” initiative where she takes groups of poets and artists to small towns to introduce the art of poetry and spoken word.  She is also the creator of “Porch Life” a monthly livestream hosted by Sarahca where she interviews artists, influencers and politicians about social issues around the country and locally, while being served homecooked soul food for comfort. Sarahca recently released her second urban fiction novel "The Other Side Poetry" that has a spoken word album with a soundtrack to the book that’s available for digital download and she is currently one of the playwrights for the original play of the life of late Emmy Award winning actress Esther Rolle entitled  “Let The Good Times Rolle” produced by the African American Research Library in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. With everything Sarahca is involved in, she still finds time to be a voice for her community against the inequities and inequalities people face both locally and abroad.


When it comes to the reason behind her advocacy for the Arts and social justice, Sarahca simply says, "Educating oneself on the importance or simple existence of a thing and or person breeds understanding; understanding breeds acceptance; acceptance breeds responsibility; responsibility breeds kindness; and kindness breeds love.” Sarahca weaves her skills and talents into her activism and her activism is exhibited in personal and professional life. Sarahca provides platforms, safe spaces, programs and more to express themselves without fear of judgement or persecution understanding that the Arts invites all cultures, ethnicities and creeds with open arms. 

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