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Deborah’s Brainchild is the popular hit reality Tv show, Booze Traveler, on the Travel Channel network which she created back in 2012 and is now into its fourth Season waiting to be renewed to Season 5. Deborah is a Global Executive Television Producer. Sharing her time between Los Angeles and New York, Deborah has spent over 20 years producing broadcast content in various formats. After a successful career on the corporate side of television content development, Deborah became an independent producer to pursue stories ranging from animal rescue to women in the police force to celebrity lifestyles for her company DNA Films Reality TV. Having spent many years in Europe, Deborah is a global producer with a comprehensive network of contacts around the world, ranging from talent to production and distribution of TV content. At DNA Films Reality TV, Deborah manages the creative development as well as distribution. Judge and member of The Television Academy / Emmys. She also manages two production companies out of Los Angeles and

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